Preschool Bella Mente


Our mission and vision is to raise the bar in preschool teaching standards and provide exclusive and scientific learning behaviours to the delicate minds of growing kids.  Apart from academic courses, we aim to inculcate social values containing an emotional and sensitive approach towards humanity.  We are working with the intent to inculcate Ancient Vedic learning and its high cultural values to the dispersed foreign ethnicity, as the world itself has gradually started to recognize the importance of spirituality rather than materialism.

We are combining two different thoughts; one of which is the Reggio-Emilia Approach, and secondly, our own Ancient Vedic Education System.  Under the Vedic Education system, our objective would be to unfurl the moral and spiritual power of an individual.  On the other hand, the Reggio-Emilia Approach will help in granting a relationship-driven environment and learning with one’s own experience.

Bella Mente symbolizes a beautiful mind. We nurture learners to develop life skills. This encourages them to achieve balanced growth, thereby creating beautiful minds at preschool.

Our Vision is ‘to provide education beyond boundaries, where the learners are enabled to set their own goals and are driven to achieve it.’

Our Ethos ensures a safe and stimulating learning environment to help the learners become Confident, Cheerful, and Competent.

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