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Reggio Approach

ECCE/Play Way approach


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The uniting of Vedic culture with Reggio’s approach is to develop the ethical, religious, and intellectual aspects of learning, it not only helps the overall development of children but also conjointly contributes to making oceans of opportunities for them through real-life experiences. Vedic education offers the teaching and learning of being a stronger human and Reggio’s approach works around child-focused education and experiential learning. This combined educational approach is a want during this fashionable amount of ever dynamical world.




About Bella Mente

Our motive is to promote a bright and promising future for our students.

Bella Mente not only focuses on learning what’s there inside the book but way more beyond it.

The Journey of Bella Mente began in 2013 with a want and a transparent vision to reform the early

childhood education system by bringing the most innovative and meticulous methodology, by amalgamating Vedic education principles and acclaimed Reggio-Emilia Philosophy this vision was assimilated.

We come with the mission to give back to what we have learned and look forward to a strong and lasting partnership, also assure to make it the best play-school franchise in Gurgaon.
Bella Mente ensures that the child must inculcate good habits, basic etiquette, and knowledge beyond books.

It has been the best pre-school franchise for 5 years and assures to maintain the recognition in future as well. We hire experienced and filtered staff. Teachers are well trained to explore

their potentialities and attain perfection in addressing children.

It has been the best pre-school franchise for 5 years and assures to maintain the recognition in future as well. We hire experienced and filtered staff. It just not only emphasises

teaching students but also grooming them to make the world a better place. No school, no institution is best unless the children or the students in it try to make it. Bella Mente provides the best class faculty, whom parents can trust their kids with. The faculty ensures a comforting environment for children so that they can spend their hours without any unease in their surroundings.

Bella Mente is stepping ahead to make it the best playschool franchise in Gurgaon and it’s possible

because of the right faculty and the smart children putting their efforts together.

Instructed, Attentive, Caring Teachers. …
A Safe and Nurturing Environment. …
Age-Appropriate Planned Learning Activities that Foster Development. …

All extraordinary preschools ought to have: A strong standing locally, a warm and encouraging climate, enthusiastic instructors and staff, dynamic learning, and youngster cordial offices.

  • A decent standing.
  • An invigorating educational plan.
  • A certified, caring staff.
  • An ongoing permit.

Surpassing the understudy to-instructor proportion is a huge admonition indication of a terrible preschool and of a chief who’s good with compromising. There should never be in excess of 10 youngsters for each grown-up at preschool.

Yet, did you have any idea that your preschooler is just as inclined to pressure as you are? In spite of the fact that kids are very versatile, they can likewise be fundamentally impacted by high feelings of anxiety, especially during seasons of progress.