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Our Team

Dr. Parveen Nayyar

A renowned leader and entrepreneur, Mr. Nayyar has always believed, “SUCCESS IS NOT ACCIDENTAL”. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice, and most importantly, love for what you are doing. With this belief, he commenced his journey with Sun Overseas in 1996, a company that provides a one-stop window for consultancy from concept to completion including preparation of bids against global tenders issued by both private and public sectors.

It is his visionary and optimistic approach towards society and humanity at large that has made him one of the most admired personalities in the Indian education industry.

With the great mission to transform the early education system in the country, he laid down the foundation of Bella Mente, India’s first Vedas-inspired chain of preschools.

He strongly believes that quality education is the backbone of a strong nation, and in order to attain this, we need to redefine or reshape the early childhood education system to lay down a sound foundation for children by nurturing their young minds to shape up a better society, a better environment, and a better world.

Mr. Rajat Arya

Young innovative edupreneur, trainer & leader Mr. Rajat Arya believes that “Success is a continuous journey, not a destination, similarly the actions are often more important than the results”.

With the aspiration to levitate education to a new level of excellence, he started his journey with a clearly defined vision to spread quality education to unlock the golden door of freedom.

He has more than one decade of rich experience in network building, strategic improvement and business development, digital transformation, and technology. He played a critical role in establishing various key policies and strategies for Bella Mentes.

His innovative thinking and great ideas on lifelong learning and child education have influenced many institutions nationwide. He has also significantly contributed towards the development of various innovative teaching techniques on Indian VEDAS.

He is deeply inspired by an amazing quote that “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” He firmly believes that innovation requires repeated attempts and endless demonstrations by breaking the status quo.

Ms. Meenakshi Goel

Ms. Meenakshi has 16 years of experience as an educator and program coordinator to provide teaching-learning aids and assessment tools for schools. She believes in working to create a stimulating and conducive environment that encourages learning for youthful minds.

She has an extensive experience in designing and developing curriculum and workshops. She has been trained in teaching and learning for the CBSE board. Her main contribution to primary and middle school education has been to enable learning that demands dialogue with the science, humanities, art, literature and poetry through stories, theatre, music and play in a dream to serve childhood itself. In her pursuit of quality education, led several change initiatives to transform the school into an experiential learning school.

Her mantras for work are: establish a rapport with children by being a calming influence, observing and identifying each individual’s learning style and collaborating with her teams to deepen knowledge.

She has been part of eminent educational institutions and holds an impeccable track record. 

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