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Make a brief plan about your ideas on pen and paper. Set out the logistics clearly. Plan ahead of time to minimize the last minute hassles.

That being done, you need to look from the legal aspect as well. Even though there is no specific pre school  education act in India, The private school education act may be applied to your school. Make sure to complete the formalities related to the municipal corporation of your area.

With the ever-growing number of working sets of parents, pre-nursery schools have become highly popular.

Since preschool is the first step of the long ladder of education, parents want to ensure that they give their kids the right start.

Parents have started taking a lot of interest in their child’s Pre school learning. With that being said, the population of kids in pre nursery is also not going to decline in the near future.

All these factors combine together to give the preschool businesses the tag of a profitable business idea.

They have successfully managed to create a new niche for themselves in the education industry. With a little market research, you will come to know that the number of formal preschools stands above a  surprising 30,000 mark. All these schools are running successfully as well.

A preschool franchise is comparatively easier to open as well when considered in regard to other businesses. Pre school establishment requires low investment and ensures higher returns in the long run. Not only that, you do not face many legal constraints as well .With the evolvement over time, the types of preschools are also improving, thus stabilizing them in the market. The preschool market is largely growing and is currently priced at 25,000 crores. This amount is surely your hint to seriously consider this business opportunity and be ensured of profits .


A few pointers that have ensured the growth of pre school franchise are given below :


Rising Demand:The demand for pre-schools has exponentially increased over the years. This is more evident in developed cities and towns where there are working parents. This coupled with their sudden interest in the right preschool education has served in favour of the growth of pre schools.

Times like these: With so much growth happening around, parents have started realizing the need of developing skills in their kids. It is all the more a reason why parents are putting their kids into pre schools in the hopes of making sure their kid learns skills from an early age.


Necessary development: Pre schools are among the first places where kids start socializing . Since it has become visibly important for kids to grow emotionally and mentally as well , from as early as possible , pre schools are looked upon as the perfect places to start that journey . Since a pre school provides a holistic environment for the child to grow , parents have started putting in their trust into it . 

Easy to manage: Running a pre school franchise is not a technical game . All you require is the dedication and leadership skills necessary . Even if you do not have any special knowledge or are well versed with the technical know how , you are good to go 


As stated above , education sector is not going to face a decline anytime soon . This makes pre school franchise the perfect business  to invest in , to ensure high returns . No amount of fluctuations in the market will have an affect on the running of your pre school , also not leading to a decline in its demand .  

Pre school franchise is a sure shot profitable business . Considering you go about it in a systematic manner and with the right dedication , it can prove to be the best investment you make Now , if you are considering of taking a pre school franchise , we have just the right one for you in mind . Bella Mente School is the perfect one to start your goal with . For the last many years , they have worked closely with students , teachers and various communities to usher the children into a world of possibilities . With Bella Mente , you not only ensure a safe and promising future to the children , you also get various other perks like start up and local support , branding and marketing , operational material and guides , among others . Linked below is their website for an easier access to them .

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