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How to find the perfect playschool?

Ask any parent what is their greatest investment and their mind will immediately drift to their child. They want to ensure they provide the best to their kid. One such important decision that requires a lot of thinking from them is deciding the right play school for them. Since pre-school learning is an integral part of a child’s education, it is necessary to provide them with the right kind of education from the beginning.

Even though it may not look like a big deal, the kind of environment your kid initially grows in matters a lot. Hence, when choosing a pre-school for your kind, you need to be extremely mindful. The right environment will help in the positive development of your child where they grow up to be compassionate, responsible and sensible beings. However, if not chosen properly, the wrong environment can prove to be really harmful. Since pre-school education is mostly teaching kids the basic stuff and helping them engage with others besides their family, it is important to make sure they have the right support around them.

We are well aware of the anxiety and stress that a parent goes through when searching for the right kind of school for their kid. That is why we have created a list of tips you should consider before getting your child enrolled in any pre-school:


DISTANCE FROM YOUR HOME: Location of the school is the first and foremost step when deciding upon a school for your kid. No parent would want their kid to travel long journeys of hours daily just to reach their play school. As a Preschool is a kid’s first adventure in the outer world apart from their family, it is important to make sure they have an easy commute. Choosing a play school far from your residence can exhaust your child and make them want to skip school. To avoid this looks for schools near you that also provide commuting services.

CAMPUS: The basic purpose of sending a child to a playschool is to ensure their learning in an open and Social environment. Even though it is important for the school to be big and open, what matters more is the safety of the school. Ensure that the school you are thinking of has no security breaches when it comes to pre-schoolers. Along with that, ensure that the school has basic amenities like clean water, lighting etc.


CREDIBILITY: In this era where everything should be double-checked, the credibility of the school you send your school Shouldn’t be left either. Do your own research before enrolling your kid. Read online reviews about their management and experience in the said field. You should see their social media pages too.

TEACHERS: Apart from the parents of the kid, their teacher is next in line to teach them about different new stuff. Do thorough research on the teachers and their teaching methods. Pay a quick visit to the teachers and have a few words with them. This not only establishes a network between the parents and teachers but also helps them know each other better.


TRANSPARENCY: It is important for the school to maintain transparent communication with the parents about the management and its workings. Before you make a decision of finalizing a school, ensure that the school holds regular PTMs as a way of communicating with the teachers too.

Encourages good: A school that encourages harmony among the students is the kind you need to put your child into. They should be taught basic concepts such as equality, freedom, respect etc. Promoting these feelings right from the beginning is a sure-shot way to avoid issues later.



Even though we have provided a few tips here, it is never enough. Make sure you do thorough research On the school and its workings. From their disaster management system to their day-to-day work, make sure to tick off all the boxes.
Since we know the struggle it takes to find a good school and then gather all the credible information around, we have just the right school for your child. Bella Mente is the right school that provides the perfect environment for your kid to grow to their true potential. With top-class amenities and qualified staff, this might be the perfect one for you

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