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A parent’s role is always talked about in their child’s life, thus giving them the due credit. However, more often than not, teachers are forgotten. Even though they put in a huge amount of hard work in shaping the child how they grow up to be, they are often neglected of the impact they end up making on their students.
As a teacher, it is extremely important to keep the parents of the children in the loop. They need to be made aware of the progress their kid is making. Similarly, parents need to keep in touch with their child’s teacher to know about their child’s doings. If considered in a crux, it is important for both the parents and teachers to have a cordial relationship between them. Positive parent-teacher interactions become a necessary part of classroom life.
As a result of regular communication between parents and teachers, both the parties benefit in their own way. As teachers get to know their students better via their parents, it helps them understand their emotional needs better. On the other hand, by being involved in their child’s education, parents get to learn the different ways they can support their child.

Not only that, but they also develop an appreciation for themselves for the role they play in their child’s education.

Both the parties are equally important and responsible to maintain the right relationship between them. That is why, given below are some pointers, that teachers and parents can follow to ensure a COMMUNICATION and healthy relationship with each other.


It is important to communicate on timely bases for both parties. Not only does this lead to the removal of any doubts or queries that either of them has, it also helps keep a tab on the child’s performance academically. Communication between parents and teachers can be established using several different methods. The most common one is PTMs. Teachers these days also opt for phone calls or emails.

LET’S BE COLLABORATIVE: Collaboration in here works in the sense that it is the teachers who are present with the kids for 6 hours daily with the kids . It might be possible that they end up developing a good relationship with the kid . In such a situation, the kid often prefers their teacher for sharing their issues as well. Now, rather than having a conflict here, teachers and parents can talk it out and work together to help the child solve the issue at hand. Being collaborative with each other ensures harmony within the class.


More often than not , it is seen that parents and teachers engage in conversation only if the kid has made some mistake and the parents need to be informed . However , both parents and teachers can leave words of appreciation for each other . This could be an extremely small gesture but would make a huge impact on the receiving party . Such small actions could lead to a peaceful and trustworthy partnership.

Even though It is important for parents and teachers to gel well with each other, it is also important to understand each other’s roles. A parent should not try to outsmart a teacher in how the kids should be taught in school. Similarly, a teacher has no right to forcefully apply parenting methods to the kids.

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