Preschool Bella Mente

Fitkids – Multi-Sports Program

Today’s metro lifestyle means nuclear family, working parents, cutthroat competition among children from the first day of school, peer pressure to perform in studies, sports, arts, etc. Also, plenty of electronic gadgets, TV, and the internet caused restricted and virtual world for children. Safety and security concern also adding to the loss of childhood.

Lack of physical activities among children is causing obesity, diabetes, and many other ailments in early age. Common behavioral symptoms like arrogance, stubborn, shy, lack of confidence, etc. are growing rapidly in most of the children.

We at Fitkids believe that for a happy & healthy childhood the kids need to play with their friends during evening hours. Based on this belief we bring a Multi-Sports program that provides opportunities to play multiple games through a well-designed curriculum under the guidance of well-trained coaches.


  • Evening Sports – 1 Hour Session
  • Batches – Age group based
  • Coaches teaching skills properly & safely
  • Warm-up
  • Sports
  • Team challenges
  • Cool down & diet recommendations