The Untapped Potential of the Preschool Market in India


The Untapped Potential of the Preschool Market in India

The preschool market has risen to prominence in the last century and a half. In some places, like India, it has only gained importance in the last few decades.  

However, the term preschool has become synonymous with early childhood education worldwide. The first step in a child’s education all parents consider is selecting a suitable preschool. To that end, the preschool market has an absolutely huge number of options available. However, despite the sheer number of options available, the market is only growing.



The Rise of Preschools


Preschools are learning institutions that offer early childhood education to children, such that their growth is assured and the transition to schooling smooth. There are several famous approaches to preschool education in the world – Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Head Start, and Forest. Each offers something powerful and unique. However, these teaching methods alone aren’t what made preschools so popular. In fact, the reason for their popularity predated most of these approaches.During the industrial revolution, a vast number of jobs were made available to both men and women. In response, some women began to take up work in order to support their family. However, traditionally, it was expected that women would teach their children how to read and write, if they knew how to themselves, and provide early care. Women who had taken up jobs could no longer do that. Thus, came about a vacuum where some children sorely needed basic education but weren’t provided it.The first recorded early childhood learning centre was set up by Johann Friedrich Oberlin and Louise Scheppler, in 1779. In 1819, Samuel Wilderspin opened the first infant school in London. He established hundreds more in the future, and set the foundation for infant schooling in England. Preschools flourished for years after that, with the first kindergarten in the United States opening in 1856. Yet, the market is still largely untapped today, especially in India.


The Transformation of the Indian Preschool Market


The concept of preschools was pioneered in India by five visionaries: Gijubhai Badheka, Rabindranath Tagore, Tarabai Modak, Anutai Wagh, and Mahatma Gandhi. Their efforts led to the popularization of preschools as a whole. It was in the last century that preschools came to be known, and their presence witnessed a sharp rise only in the past few decades. As literacy rates grew, higher education became accessible to many, and globalization led to an increase in jobs. Like in the West, women had little time left to take care of children. This brought about the rise of preschools in India, with creché facilities witnssing the boom in popularity first.


The Future of the Preschool Market in India


90% of a child’s brain development occurs by the age of 6. It is extremely crucial for this stage of their life to be handled with love, attention, and care. Thus, most parents want their children to realise their potential and unearth their own self during this time.The preschool market of India is currently valued at 3.8 billion USD. The market will continue to grow at a rapid pace in response to the growing population and spending power of people. It’s expected to nearly double in the next five years, while the market itself is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.2% per year. This is a prime time to invest in the market.


Potential of A Preschool Franchise


Preschools are a strong, in-demand business with not enough supply. They don’t have a strong enough presence in India. The preschool market also has a lower CapEx than average, while also bringing faster returns than is otherwise expected of a business. The steady, consistent growth of the preschool market brings an extremely alluring opportunity for establishing one’s own preschool franchise. The launch of one’s own preschool ensures success in a secure market that is witnessing an explosive, non-stop rise.




The demand for preschools will not be ending anytime soon in India. They have been on the rise ever since the first preschool was established by Gijubhai Badheka and Tarabai Modak. With an estimated annual growth of around 10% every year, there has never been a better opportunity to invest in a market with guaranteed returns. One hopes that the readers of this article find the right franchise to invest in, or become the leaders of their own brand.To those looking for a safe, strong brand with a unique approach with a high demand that has low supply, look no further than Bella Mente Schools. With their Vedas’ inspired curriculum in combination with the Reggio-Emilia approach, they are set to become a revolutionary force in the field of education. To know more, refer to this link –