Preschool Bella Mente

“We not only model collaboration, We nurture it”

    Why Bella Mente?

    Best Preschool Franchise We are working together every day, towards a goal to promote a bright and promising future for our students. For the last several years, Bella Mente has closely worked with students, parents, teachers, and various communities to usher our children into a world of possibilities where their personality gets a chance to blossom. We come with the mission to give back what we have learned and look forward to a strong and lasting partnership. 

    Benefits To A Bella Mente Owner


    Bella Mente as a brand has a proven track record of success. With us, you will have a guarantee of making it big. Along with advice on site selection, building design, and finishing, we will assist you with the academic and business plans review to emerge as the first choice for all parents. As a preschool franchise owner, you shall get reduced procurement costs for all items and furniture.


    1. Centralized procurement, access to e-marketing campaigns, website and email support.
    2. Print and media management, guidelines for branding and marketing collaterals.


    1. Access to a detailed turnkey curriculum developed to reflect the very best in International education practices and methodology along with Vedic Sanskaras.
    2. Access to regular updates and improvements to curriculum, delivery of the academic program, school policies, and administrative practices.
    3. State-of-the-art-systems and delivery methodology along with academic support and experienced trainers.
    4. Access to sound and well-developed unique after-school programs


    Detailed manuals and guides to start and operate a school from design parameters and provide comprehensive school practices and policies.


    1. Hiring academic staff.
    2. Training of academic and non-academic staff.
    3. Business Partner Orientation Program.

    1. Territorial right of 3 km with no other BM Centers.
    2. Constantly reducing overheads and marketing investment.
    3. Opportunity for student transfer within the system in India where we are operating.

    1. Passionate like-minded Entrepreneurs
    2. Minimum Space Required: 3500 sq.ft.(Constructed)
    3. Cost of Initial Set: 12 Lacs to 15 Lacs
    4. Royalty: 10% on gross revenue
    5. Franchise Tenure: 05 years.

    Why You Will Want to Choose Bella Mente

    The goal to promote a bright and promising future for our students is practiced every day here.

    Preschool is the first experience of children with faculty and groups of children.

    It’s a chance to grow and establish roots for the future. Bella Mente not only focuses on learning what’s inside the book but way more beyond it. We come with the mission to give back what we have learned and look forward to a strong and lasting partnership. 

    It also teaches children basic values and ethics which are essential elements of life and potentially everlasting, if taught well. Literacy is needed but being knowledgeable is required in today’s world.

    A child should not only be taught the alphabet and numbers but also real, practical skills applicable to everyday life.

    In today’s world, the way you represent yourself has gained great importance. Bella Mente ensures a child will inculcate good habits.

    Basic etiquettes, knowledge beyond books. It has been the best pre-school franchise for 5 years and promises to maintain the recognition in the future as well. We hire experienced staff members filtered through a screening process.

    It not only emphasizes teaching students but also grooming them to make world a better place.

    No school or institution becomes the best until its children try to make it so.

    It’s the duty of a play-school to make kids sharp, presentable, and smart before they start with basic education.

    Children develop well when there is consistency in care, at home as well as school.

    In high-quality preschools, teachers value the opinion of parents.

    Parents get daily feedback on their child’s activities. Regular meetings are also conducted for more detailed conversations with staff. Teachers attempt to understand and respect the parents’ child-rearing goals and morals. A highly organized environment teaches children to socialize and perform in a team with others. Thus, Bella Mente’s structure is of high-quality.

    Classroom space is organized in such a manner that social interaction can be maintained without obstruction. It also aims to minimize congestion and conflicts.

    Bella Mente provides spacious classrooms and all the basic facilities to ensure the safety of children within premises. Safety and hygiene are well-maintained.


    Young children have an active imagination which can can be nurtured to fuel learning and creativity. The preschool environment is a place made to explore, equipped with proper adult guidance and interaction.

    Children possess curiosity towards a lot of things, which requires being dealt with through attention and care. The same curiosity can be used to funnel creativity.

    Throughout their play-school years, much of a child’s learning will take place in the company of their friends and teachers.

    In a high-quality preschool program, children are introduced to the behaviours required to function smoothly in a kindergarten classroom.

    The group activities and small tasks given to children not only work to make them sharper but also help lay the foundation for thinking outside the box.

    Bella Mente provides the best class faculty, whom parents can trust their kids with.

    The faculty is not only concerned with teaching but creating a comforting environment where children willingly spend their hours in preschool.

    Bella Mente is stepping ahead to become the best playschool franchise and it’s possible because of the hardworking faculty and smart children putting their efforts together.

    Access to a detailed turnkey curriculum developed to reflect the very best in international education practices and methodology along with Vedic sanskaras.

    We will assist you with the academic and business plans review, to help you emerge as the first choice for all parents as a preschool franchise owner. You shall also get reduced procurement costs for all items and furniture.

    Bellla Mente’s agenda is not just about teaching the alphabet and numbers to children; we aim to help them develop a sense of confidence and self-worth as they learn to take care of themselves and help others.

    Teachers understand that there is a line between reality and fantasy, which is often not clear to a young child. So, it’s necessary to introduce them to the real world even if it might be a little harsh sometimes.

    To maintain a child’s excitement and motivation for learning, high-quality preschool and child care programs introduce different kinds of brain storming exercises, but in the context of activities that are meaningful to children.

    The motive of activities is to engage children in something productive that also grants them knowledge.

    When you choose a high-quality program that suits your child and family, you can be assured that your child is well cared for, is enjoying activities enthusiastically, and making friends. Not only that, they would be building knowledge, skills, and the confidence to do well in future.

    With a lot of space to infiltrate and extend, beginning a preschool is without a doubt a productive business with low speculation and exceptional yield. One of the chief benefits of beginning a preschool is that it gives a strong groundwork to kids.

    The most essential criteria for opening a play school is the land. In this way, one must first select a reasonable area and afterwards, secure land there. While settling the area, ensure that it is a private settlement with rich green environmental factors.

    At the present time, an excess of 33,000 conventional preschools are running effectively in India. As a matter of fact, preschool establishments are one of the most rewarding business potential ventures in India as the business is right now fixed at an astounding Rs 25,000 crores.

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