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Bella Mente’s philosophy relies on quality education through implementing core learning practices and valuing a child’s emotional and psychological needs. Every child is irreplaceable, and their inherent talents can be polished by developing them to perfection. The journey of Bella Mente began in 2013 with a want and a transparent vision to reform the early childhood education system by bringing the most innovative and progressive methodology, through the amalgamation of Vedic principles and the acclaimed Reggio-Emilia Philosophy.

Passionate about ensuring healthy development in the early years of a child’s life, we intend to become the primary Indian pre-school which strongly abides by the principles of Vedic Science.

Competent Child

Every child is valued as a novel individual with their own unique identity, strength, and talent. Their core proficiency influences the way of learning, improvising, and grasping knowledge. These talented youngsters must be nurtured as capable learners for a bright future. We specialize in the constructive learning method for children and help increase their domain of knowledge in the true sense of the word. This is accomplished through using a child’s endless imagination and innate sense of curiosity. This new model of learning not only helps the general development of a child, but also contributes to making oceans of opportunities for them through real-life experiences.

Competent Teacher

Educators at Bella Mente area unit trained mentors to gain expertise in understanding a child’s psychological state, learning capabilities, behavioural patterns, and social nature. They’re trained to explore their potential and attain perfection in addressing youngsters.

Competent Parents

Parents are an integral part of a child’s learning process, holding the responsibility to lay a robust foundation for their growth. Being the child’s initial teacher, parents are aware of their son or daughter’s psychological needs and can help mold them for better development. They have unique knowledge of their children which serves as a tremendous resource in supporting development and growth. At Bella Mente, the significant contribution of parents is duly recognized in liaison with quality learning.

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