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Learning every day with enthusiasm conceptualizes the instructional background of Bella Mente Preschools and childcare. Relying on intensive research and valuable input provided by educationists, the programme at BM is intended to develop the mind, character, and cognitive behaviour of children to make a robust foundation for an integrated society. With Vedic learning inculcating moral values and learning habits, we take care to coach the little ones in an exceedingly distinct manner. Skills, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking charge curriculum designers at Bella Mente with forming a world targeting evaluation, observation, and implementation of intensive learning methodologies. Imparting education through mantras, shlokas, and playful activities that end up being innovative teaching techniques, Bella Mente encourages children to enjoy and support learning. The assistance of child development experts enabled our curriculum designers to give birth to a programme that focuses on traditional learning to achieve salvation through education.


Our learning sessions are cleverly developed with innovative learning kits, resulting in mature graduates with a phenomenal personality that helps them develop into an emotional, socially aware, and intellectual global citizen. Our specially-designed classrooms allows your child to experience safe and exciting learning sessions both indoors and outside. As your child discovers the world, our teachers will nurture, encourage, and guide them every step of the way. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Through Communication and Language: Our Child-Centric Curriculum emphasizes on the following keys of learning: 

  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Understanding our environment though individual exploration
  • Expressive Arts based on materials available in our environment
  • Life skills
  • Gross and Fine Motor Development

Coupled with these is a thematic approach developed by Bella Mente. Created while keeping in mind a preschooler’s brain development, our well-trained staff will help your child make connections and discover the world. The collaborative units also provide our teachers with many opportunities to link to early literacy and numeracy skills. Together with parents, we lay the foundation for a child’s personal, academic, and global future.

Our Programs

At Bella Mente Preschool and Daycare, we provide a stimulating, safe, and professionally managed environment, combined with the warmth of a personal homely touch, to create the perfect setting where a strong foundation can be laid for your child’s lifelong learning abilities, with a focus on physical, emotional and creative development. To assist us in our vision, we recruit and retain highly qualified and caring teachers and provide them with continuous professional development through training programs. This results in a dedicated and responsible team of caregivers whose efforts reflect in our preschool graduates. At Bella Mente Preschool, we believe that every classroom is unique as are the pupils attending. Therefore, when selecting our equipment and resources, we have been diligent to ensure the highest quality of safe, age-suitable products are used.

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